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FINALLY. Geeesh. I’m not sure why it took freaking Apple so long to support the LX3 (Leica D-Lux 3 & 4) and GF-1 and GH-1 raw format. Just lazy. Before you go and spew all that “blah blah they have to reverse engineer it blah blah” crap, look at Adobe Camera Raw that supported it very quickly on the Mac and had to do the same work.

Anyway, Aperture 3 is great news because I have all this location and face information in my iPhoto library that I was trying to figure out how to get into Lightroom and now I don’t have to — until Apple pisses me off again. 😉

Update: Aperture 3 Trial is buggy as hell. OH. MY. GOD. The thing crashes so often and can’t import my library. Useless. Given how close lipped they are about their development, not to mention slow, I’m not hopeful I’ll even get to try this program. It desperately needs patching. Disappointing. Adobe Lightroom 3 BETA has only crashed once in weeks of using. Amazing! I could just go download the Beta and try it out. Give feedback. Amazing concept. Apple, if you are going to be all tight lipped about your software until it is dumped onto the world you better deliver the goods. This is a fail. I will say that it is screamingly fast until it crashes.