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Looks like nwa.com has been shut down, leaving us with delta.com and I must say I am going to miss it. Searching and booking flights on the northwest site was so much easier than on Delta’s, especially if you were trying to find international flights to book upgraded to business class using miles. Now you have to call, and I have to say that calling Delta, even as a platinum, has been not nearly as pleasant an experience as calling Northwest. My general experience has been multiple transfers to “other” people because the one I’m talking to can’t “enter the proper codes” to do something.

Everyone has been very nice on the phone but the last and worst one was 40 mins on hold, transferred 4 times and the last one was to the wrong person. I actually hung up and had to take deep breaths because I was not in the USA and phone was expensive.

Maybe they will improve delta.com up to the level of functionality they just tossed on nwa.com. Progress? We will see.