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My tormenters unwittingly helped me out. At the office on Thursday the 29th, my mean co-workers were gleefully telling me that the approaching winter storm would strand me in Winston Salem while my friends, ironically from Minnesota, would be enjoying rum drinks on the beach.

I don’t mess with my beach vacation so I checked out the forecast and it really did look bad for my Saturday departure. I immediately called Delta and asked if they would re-book me to leave Friday morning to Atlanta and leave the rest of my itinerary alone for Saturday morning out of Atlanta. They actually did it without charging me and thanked me for being proactive about it because they anticipated lots of unhappy travelers the next day.

I used some Starwood points to book a room at the 1 year old Downtown Atlanta W Hotel and made plans for dinner with Peter Jirak who I had not seen in probably 10 years.

All in all it was a good plan. Had a nice time in Atlanta and all flights went as scheduled while Winston Salem got blanketed with ice and snow. Bill, Michel, Kris, and I all arrived at Harbor Island within 40 mins of each other to start the week of beach yumminess.

Only down side so far is that Sip Sip, our favorite beach lunch place, is closed all week because they took the week off for a vacation which they did not clear with us. *huff*