We, of sound mind and… er… wait. Let me start again.

Singpore Fireworks Blog Clip Web2

Back in Singapore. At the Swissotel Stamford again, only this time we lucked into the last day of a week of Fireworks. They are displayed directly outside our hotel window over the water. How cool is that. We are on the 20th floor this time rather than 50 something, but it was still a perfect view of the fireworks. I used the handy fireworks mode of my video camera (who knew?) to try to record some of it just for fun. I’ve included a clip with this post.

One of the coolest things, aside from watching them from a balcony with zero obstructions, was that you could see them reflected in all the glass buildings in the central business district as well. Just beautiful. The fireworks started exactly on time at 9pm and ran for 15 mins. They played a soundtrack down on the cricket lawn that could be heard all around the marina district… very clearly. Scary.

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