Today held an important new first for me…traversing an international border on a bike! Pulling up to the guards on my bike in spandex gave me more of a thrill than it should have but that was a blast and, no, I wasn’t carrying any firewood.

We had to climb many miles of uphill to get to the border crossing. That’s a pain that’s gonna linger I must say.

I think there were two major hill sections with 10 miles of uphill combined and then various other hills. One amazing thing was a 5 mile DOWN hill ride where I maintained 40-45 mph for the duration.

Bugs hurt at those speeds. Also small potholes become … well they hurt a lot unless you get your butt out of the saddle in time! Zowie!

We had to fight a heinous headwind for the last five miles of the ride. Zoiks! We arrived at the ridiculously beautiful Prince of Wales hotel/lodge just before 3pm and have a few hours of down time.

My total ride distance was 52 miles with 3500 ft of ascent.

Biking with a van full of snacks and cold drinks following you around is a Good Thing ™. I could get used to it big time. 🙂

Tomorrow (Monday) is a day off where we get to choose our own activities and schedule. No clue what I am going to do other than SLEEP IN.

Actually, I do… there is a nice 10 mile uphill bike to a lake where you can rent Kayaks! Sounds perfy… with a downhill 10 mile return! Both Bill and I are very interested in that particular option.

We’ll see if I can drag my sorry carcas out of bed.