…to remove the smile from his face. Bill and I just returned fgrom our off-day activity. The 10 mile hill to a lake. Cameron lake.

Well we were a bit disappointed as we climbed the hill on our trusty Titanium steeds because after the first 5 miles it seemed that we started to go down hill. Normally, this wouldn’t be a problem but we were looking forward to a 10 mile downhill blast when we were done.

Anyway, we got to the top and rented two kayaks and paddled around the ridiculously beautiful lake. In the rain. Sort of. It rained off and on on the way up the hill and while we were out on the lake, nothing major.

This was my first time in a yak and I really liked it-as I suspected I would. Bill and Michele can tell you that I’ve been ranting about trying or buying one for a year or so.

A single user boat is quite responsive and it was very stable.

We were forced to buy some hot chocolate to have with our bag lunch and Pie in a Bag ™ and then geared up for the half downhill ride home.

Well, I’m not sure what happened, but it really was downhill the whole way-with two or three speed killing dips, I couldn’t stop smiling the whole 10 mile blast and I still haven’t. It almost made me want to go back up and do it again. Almost.