Our first day of the actual backroads trip started at 8am outside the Grouse Mountain Lodge. There was a table set up with all kinds of food and a couple of vans with our bikes and trip leaders.

Our two trip leaders and the 9 participants are all great, which is a relief (see Tim Cahill).
We got a briefing about what to expect for the day and packed ourselves bag lunches for our 7 mile hike in the park.

Our group is sized small enough that we all fit into one van which makes it spiffy.

The drive up the “going to the sun” road was spectacular as expected and we got to Logan Pass around 10:30am to start our hike.

Our route took us above the road we drove in on for a total of 7.4 miles and just over a thousand vertical feet of ascent.

The weather was perfect and the views spectacular and clear. We timed it perfectly it sounds.

We just arrived at our furst lodge: Many Glacier Lodge which, like all of the lodges, is rustic. Ill leave it at that. However, the view out my window is devistating-making up for a lot. A glacial lake surrounded by mountains. Darn.

The lodge is location rich and grand in stature yet appalling in acomodation if compared to anything modern. However, if thought of as a cabin in an unbeatable location, it works. It is also packed.

Anyway, its off to a wine tasting and then a get aquainted dinner, although the hike and van rides already did that mostly.

Pictures will be added later as I’m posting these from my phone and am having trouble with them.