Tim Cahill wrote an essay regarding travel (what else) where he provided a set of travel rules. This set of rules is something that I’ve taken to heart to avoid bad travel situations where you end up across the campfire from someone saying “Lazlo, give me the gun.”

The gang at logan pass

This trip is interesting in that I really had no control over who else is on the trip-something that never really crossed my mind during the planning phases. Mostly, I suppose because I didn’t realize how much time we would actually be spending together, which is a lot.

Happily, I am pleased to report that our small group rocks. Very fun and interesting people…3 couples and 4 solos. Apparently the trip before is (the same itinerary) was 19 people. I can’t imagine trying to manage that number of people.

I genuinely like everyone on this trip and will definitely be keeping in touch!