Lighted table at the post bar
Well, Steve & Lynne left this morning for their 10 days in Japan and I’m all alone again. So sad. Happily, they should be updating their blog, Hundred Acre Woods so we can all share in the glory of their fairly comprehensive itinerary in Japan.
An extended trip to Japan will most likely be nothing like Singapore due to the fact that communication will be more difficult — even though Steve has been working pretty hard on learning rudimentary Japanese, we all know how that usually turns out in actual practice. 🙂 However, everyone appreciates someone trying to speak a language — even if it is mangled.

The Esplanade opera house in the background
They, of course didn’t bail before going to see the Post Bar in the Fullerton hotel for some exotic beverages, Saint Julien’s for oysters and Kir, and the Palms seafood restaurant for CHILI CRAB!!! WOOHOO!
Me and the Merlion

The dinner at the Palms included Chris and Kim Low (and Ester!), Samuel Low and his fiance Quintella, Steve and Lynne and I! I had a great time as usual. Sam and Quin were just back from an extended trip to Europe and had some, uh, adventures to share.

Chris, Kim, Ester

Sam and Quin
The chili crab (in the middle)