Well, actually it is fish head curry. A specialty here in Singapore.

Chris took us to a restaurant that serves it over near little India. A really nice restaurant with lots of indian stuff, however their specialty is this fish-head curry. Now fish-head curry is a dish that we have been hearing about since our very first trips here, but have never really been overly motivated to try it.

Well this trip, our time was up, er, we got to try the beast. Now we get to the restaurant and Chris says we should probably get the large serving for the three of us. So we do, and a bunch of other miscellaneous food.

Well, the “large” part of that order wasn’t referring to the serving size, it was referring to the fish head size, and by extension, the serving size. It is difficult to get the scale of this thing with these pictures I took from my phone, but that white bowl is a large serving bowl, and the spoon in it is a large serving spoon. This sucker was hyuuuuge.

Unnerving, but tasty. We seem to have done it justice. Nobody went for the eyes though. Imagine that.