Scott goes on and on

I arrived back in Singapore on the last day of this year’s great singapore sale and was anxious cut a swath through the Kenneth Cole, Hugo Boss, New Man and Top Man shops. Sadly, I needed to go purchase a special phone for a work thing and arrange to get it shipped overnight to Australia. It ended up taking until 2pm because I walked to the Funan IT mall which is only a kilometer from the hotel as the crow flys. Sadly, the streets didn’t work like that. e to mention vast construction due to a new MRT subway line being built. It took a while to get there and it started to pour rain just as I was a block away.


After finding a place that had the thing, I got it and then started to walk back during a lull in the rain. I took a different route, which didn’t seem like the most direct on the map, but certainly worked better than the other one with the exception that it stared to rain again half way there. I was forced to duck into a mall, which was great except that it was all home furnishings. I snuck out the side door and behold Fish & co. I was starving so I had lunch. I ordered the fish of the day “sambal” style. Now sambal is a sauce that we have at the house that we use by the tablespoon to season entire dishes. Well, my fish came smothered with sambal. Like gravy. It was on the edge of too hot for me, and I really enjoy hot food.

One thing that I found interesting was that I’m just about as far away from the USA as you can get and I was sitting in a restaurant listening to music that was exactly the same as I would at home, watching an American baseball game on ESPN one one monitor, Formula 1 racing on another, and MTV on yet another monitor. On my table was an advertisement for a contest to win an “All American Vacation” sponsored by Tobasco™.

Anyway, I finally made it back to the hotel around 2pm and regroued for my walk down Orchard Road the other way — back to the area where we stayed before.

Lets just say it was crowded. Like Christmas at the Mall of America crowded, which is funny because I was talking to my friend Rich about Singapore and he said “Is it still like visiting the Mall of America except with a lot more Asian people?”. Despite this, I hit all the places I was looking for and ended up getting a fantastic deal on two Kenneth Cole shirts.

Yay!! Now its 4:30 and my feet are tired. I think that I’ll finish writing this little beauty and then mosey on down to the lobby and find a dinner plan.