I’ve been a nomad for several years now — my stuff is mostly all stored and I live in a room in a friends house like a stray dog with no where else to go. A vagabond. A drifter. Aimlessly wandering the halls of the world with nowhere to go. Nowhere to be.
Anyway, I was using some of the vastly oversized office space we had over in Minneapolis for storing my stuff. Naturally, when our office moved this week, I’ve been forced to put all that crap back into storage. At least the stuff that isn’t being used by the company…

In order to help reduce the chaos, I spent three days going through some of the boxes that have just been moved around for a few years but not really opened. I managed to discard 10 boxes of crap that I’ll never need again. I had credit card receipts and records from accounts that were closed in 1990 and earlier… all in neat little files. What in the world happened to me since then?

Now to the point of this entry… while cleaning out these boxes, I found my Newton MessagePad 2100 with keyboard.

It seems to work (it shows stuff on the screen) and it is free to anyone who wants to use it. Just post a comment and the first person I like who wants it for personal use gets it!