William and Rebecca and Kim

Chris Low doesn’t like Sichuan food. I suppose because it can get pretty spicy. Needless to say, Sichuan restaurants were not on the list of places we would go normally. Despite this, probably after a bottle of wine at Saint Julien, Chris and Kim agreed to have dinner again with us, this time with Kim’s brother William and his wife Rebecca–at a Sichuan restaurant!

The Tea pot

At any rate, the restaurant was in the central business district (I can’t remember its name right now but I’ll get back here with it when I do) on the 58th floor of an office building. This place was pretty darn nice, I must say, but they didn’t make the best use of the fact that they were on top of a building. I mean the dining room had round porthole windows rather than floor to ceiling glass.

That was a chicken dish

At any rate, no big. We were there to finally get some great Sichuan food and to meet William who was as much of a wine person as Steve. (Don’t get me started about seating arrangements and dinner conversation…)

ANYWAY, one of the schticks of this place was the tea service. You had some very nice green tea leaves in your tea cup and the tea people would roam around with these hot water pots with extremely long spouts. We’re talking a 4 foot spout that was really pointy. You could put your eye out! They would come up behind you and flip that thing down from 4 feet away and after a delay hot water would shoot out directly into the cup until they whipped the thing vertical again. Amazing aim and control. Check out the video link at the end.

The food was to die for. Lots of different things. I’ve got a picture here of one of the dishes where the food that you were to eat was entirely buried by the peppers. Look at that picture. There was chicken cubes in there.

William and Rebecca were just terrific and I’m glad we got a chance to meet them. I have a feeling that we’ll be seeing more of them if/when we return.

Here is the Quicktime video of the amazing tea pouring from my camera in the dark…