Roti Prata: Sweet mystery of life I've found youOk, as everyone knows (and I mean everyone), Steve made a list of all the foods that he (we) were going to have to try on our last trip to Singapore. The only item that we didn’t get to try was Roti Prata. This was because nobody really seems to serve it until late at night and by then we are tired, or didn’t have someone to tell us where to go or whatever.

Well, this trip was turning out to be a bust for Roti Prata as well until Friday night after going to a restaurant at the top of a building (pretty darn cool — more on it and the super long tea spouts later) we talked Sam into taking us out for Roti Prata.

I can’t believe that we waited so long for this stuff. MOO! Think crispy multi layer bread in the vein of Naan, except more crispy. It can be plain, or have stuff like mushrooms, egg, etc. in it. Then you smear it with some sort of curry gravy and suck it down like you haven’t eaten since, well, since you drove over from the restaurant on top of a building. *cough*