The coffee situation in Singapore has been sub-optimal for me. As a rule, I’ve been avoiding caffeine in the last year which means decaf coffee. Well, decaf coffee is not a big thing here. Perhaps its not a big thing anywhere but the US. In fact, if you order decaf coffee at our hotel, you wait a little and get your own little pot of decaf — instant decaf. Yay. Even the regular coffee really wasn’t that much of a treat.

As I was writing this entry I realized that I was being too hard on the hotel in the restaurant because what establishment of any size serves fabulous coffee. I guess I just have edited bad coffee out of my life at home to the extent that my expectations are high.

The coffee situation being what it was, I did the only thing I could do — switch to tea! Tea here flows like, well, coffee does in the US. It is yummy. And practical.

Did I mention that the in room coffee service is instant also? INSTANT?!?!!? Tea was the solution in my room as well. Of course, it was all caffeinated tea so I have been buzzing like a cheap fluorescent light all week. Cool.