My last day in Singapore on this trip is over and I’m sad to go.
Goodbye to all my kittens at the office.
Goodbye Chris and Samuel for their continued great work and amazing hospitality. A visit this long is enough to try anyone’s patience but they managed to be gracious the entire time.

Goodbye Nude Restaurant with your Shells of Nude (pictured right). I’ll miss your broiled perfection and burning salt pillar fabulousness — how do you top mollusks perched atop pillars of salt sitting in a pool of fire? HOW?!?
Goodbye Takashimaya, specifically Ann in the New Man boutique, who kept me going with fresh shipments of cool stuff every couple of days.
Goodbye Connie in the Kenneth Cole store, keep up the good work with the watch!
Goodbye Hugo Boss, all three floors of you. Well, not the top floor. Those clothes were too wacky for me. Odd, but true.
Goodbye Tony Khoo in the Royal club who I’ll miss even though we couldn’t trick you into getting us Bread Talk goodies that time…
Goodbye Royal Plaza Hotel. Your incredibly friendly staff and endless supply of Kaya earned you a special place in my heart.
And lastly, goodbye Grand Hyatt, who I could see across the street beaconing me with your health club of fabulousness. So close, yet so far.