There is a chain of bakeries in Singapore called Bread Talk. Apparently they were started by the people who own/started the fabulous dim sum place we go to.

Bread Talk Store

They make all kinds of bread for eating on the go. Hand bread so to speak, buns and rolls. It is interesting because most of the bread they sell is of the savory variety — stuffed with some sort of meat or curry or fish. They also have sweet stuff, like my favorite butter sugar roll, or some unpronounceable thing that is stuffed with red bean paste. Love it. LOVE IT. Obviously I don’t eat bread. Especially something named butter sugar roll. This is just stuff that I’ve learned from overhearing conversations about bread. I know what you were thinking! A lot of desert / treat things here are filled with sweetened bean paste. It is quite good. Yummy even.

Buns -- 30% off

Anyway, speaking of buns, how about these?!? I was walking through one of the many, many shopping centers on my way back to the pedestrian tunnels (many of the intersections you cannot cross on the surface, you must go under or over) and saw this display in a store window. They are a steal at 30% off! AM I IN ITALY ALL OF A SUDDEN?!?!