Friday night, Steve and I went out with Chris Low and his wife Kim for dinner. We chose to go French based on a rather dubious statement by Chris that his wife really liked French food.
Our table
Dubious because she didn’t really corroborate the story when presented with the statement later.

In fact, we nearly diverted to a Japanese restaurant in the same area at the last minute. Only Steve indignantly claiming to not have dressed up for a Japanese restaurant kept us on course. Although even he wavered when we walked past said Japanese restaurant on the way to ours and saw that it was also a Sake bar — enough to shake even the most stalwart French food aficionado. The general opinion of French food could be summed up with “Expensive small food on a big plate.”.

Saint Julien is over near the Fullerton Hotel which is just a wonderful area of town. There have been other infamous pictures taken in this part of town. They involved Chili crab. Its best to leave it in the past.

This restaurant was spot on. Everybody on the staff was peppy, fun and knowledgeable. A killer combination. The food was creative, beautifully plated, and delicious. Truly a fine dining experience. I will be back for sure and be recommending this one.

Three of us had a set menu with 5 or so courses that we sort of screwed up by interjecting one of the specials (lamb shoulder for 3) for the entree. We also had a plate of kick-butt French oysters. Just fabulous and fresh.

I sure had a good time and that is what it is all about!

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