Last night (Thursday), I was in the mood for a nice sit down dinner somewhere near our hotel. Perhaps it was the fabulous music that I heard at a music store called That CD Shop while walking around the Orchard road area. The store was partially outdoors and they had an amazing stereo system playing this new CD called Jazzamor: a piece of my heart, specifically a remix of Ain’t no sunshine thats just killer. An outstanding, breathy female vocal that would make Bill proud.

Nude restaurant ANYWAY, we wandered around through the subway tunnels over to Wisma Atria because I remembered seeing a number of candidate restaurants on another visit. After only one bit of getting lost (off by one floor), we stumbled onto: Nude. This place turned out to be exactly what I was looking for. The deal was sealed shortly after looking at the drink menu (see my diatribe about this below) and noticing several Martinis.

The meal was delicious. The plating was creative and beautiful. The service was quite good. The martini was nearly perfect. It was a gibson, really. I went with onions to avoid the chance of living the horror of olive pits. My only complaint was that it could have been a lot colder — both the glass and the content. Never-the-less, a fabulous dinner.