On Sunday, after arriving late at around 3am local time, I wandered around the area outside of our hotel, which happens to be exactly across the street from our old hotel.

Since we are staying in the most fabulous shopping section of Singapore, it was my duty, nay my moral imperative to sample the stores. One large store nearby that I never got into on my last visit is Takashimaya, a large Japanese department store.

This store is massive. Not only is it massive, it is hyyuuuge. In addition it is attached to a shopping complex with a lot of other high end stores like Hugo Boss, Kenneth Cole, Louis Vuitton and the like. Diesel

Anyway, back to my point. Wandering in the men’s section of Tak (we are on a first nickname basis now) I took advantage of the dozens, DOZENS, of helpful staff to ask if I could try on this fabulous shirt. This caused some consternation as they tried to figure out how to tell me that the shirts that I liked were Asian cut. A polite way of saying that I was too damn big. And I’m not that big, I’ve been called anorexic. I’m just American sized I guess. An XL fit as long as I held my arms immobile at my sides. I was very sad.

Happily 3 doors down in the center was a nice Kenneth Cole store with nice American sizes. Very nice. Also the nice sales girl was wearing the same Diesel watch (DZ7025) as I was, but in black (mine is green). WOOHOO!!

Bought a shirt and some jeans.