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I enjoy a good Martini. I admit it. I like Vodka Martini’s the best, although a gin Martini made with Magellan Gin can be like heaven if you can find a place that pours it.

I’m currently hanging out in Singapore for work and I love it here. Love, however, is not without its nits. I HAVE NOT FOUND A DECENT MARTINI IN THIS WHOLE COUNTRY. There I said it. I feel better.

What’s wrong with them you ask? Lots. Lots and lots.

  1. They are rarely served cold enough. The entire reson d’etre of a Martini, even the soul of the Martini is cold. The concept is missing here.
  2. If served with olives, nine times out of ten the olives will have a pit. Please. How elegant is it to take a chomp of your olive from the spear and then dig around in your mouth to get the pit out. Then where do you put it?
  3. WAY too much Vermouth. Enough said. Also, two times out of three if you order it VERY DRY, you get MORE vermouth — because white vermouth is “dry”.

Also, ordering drinks here by and large happens from a menu like food. You get to order what they have on the list. A look of panic occurs if you just say “I’d like a Ketel One Martini up with olives.” Mild gesturing and fear and pointing at the menu ensues. If you look at them as if they were growing antennae they will eventually leave and tell the bartender (if on exists) an approximation of what you said and the results are predictable.

Anyway, I’ve been given a new tip. The Post Bar in the Fullterton Hotel may be my ticket. I’ve been near/around that hotel dozens of times but have never been inside.