We made it to India without too many problems. I have had 7 hours of sleep
and am getting ready for food and to get to see a little bit of Dehli. I
still feel pretty tired.

We had a few problems with ticketing and stuff because of mistakes that
our wonderful travel department made, but on the whole things were fine.
It took 8 hours to get to Amsterdam and 8 hours to get to Dehli with a 4
hour layover.

Lets just say that the security going out of Amsterdam to Dehli was
amazing. Every Indian national (or what looked like it to me) was actually
patted down. There were three very intent security personnel examining
baggage x-rays. Wild. Riding up in the bubble is very nice. There are only
two seats per side of the plane, and they are big. They recline and have a
footrest and a personal video system where you could watch movies and
stuff, but more importantly could watch the progress of the flight. There
was a ground-track and information such as air/ground speed flight time,
distance left, etc.

On the leg from Amsterdam to Dehli, there were only 6 of us up there.

The airport in Dehli was quite a throwback to the Philippines. Good grief.
It was hot. There were throngs of people behind chain link fences, the
person who was there to meet us led us out to our taxi and we were
stepping over people who were sleeping on the ground in the street and on
the curbs.

The driving on the left side and the wild “boldest wins” policy made for
an interesting half-hour ride to the hotel. It was really dusty and as you
can see in the pictures, smoggy.

Our hotel is very western and nice. It turned out to be a 5 star and is
pretty much the same as nice hotels I have been in in the US. They even
have steak on the room-service menu. There appears to be a nice Japanese
restaurant on the roof.

I have included two reduced-size images from my balcony this morning.